Hot woman with hirsute ass and hairy pussy gets a spanking

Posted on May 25, 2010

Becky Brown shows her hairy pussy before getting a spanking

Hirsute and hot Becky Brown picked up a new vibrator to pleasure her thick hairy pussy but she forgot to buy batteries. She can’t wait to try it out inside her hairy bush so she steals (or rather borrows) batteries from Rodney’s CD player. Unfortunately, Rodney comes home excited to listen to a new CD he just bought. As you can guess, he’s pissed when he finds his batteries are missing. Soon he finds out Becky grabbed his batteries and spanks her hairy ass until it’s completely red…

Lesbian hairy pussy, hairy armpits and a strap-on

Posted on May 21, 2010

Amanda Greenfield and Bridgette King show lesbian hairy pussy with big labia

Amanda Greenfield and Bridgette King came back from shopping and realize they bought very similar dresses. In frustration, they both take them off. But soon, they realize that it’s better to kiss and make up rather than fight about it, so they kiss, lick and caress each other’s hairy bodies. It doesn’t take long for Amanda to get hungry and start snacking on Bridgette’s hairy pussy. She loves the heavenly taste of Bridgette’s big labia as they grip her tongue. Then Bridgette returns the favor and Amanda’s hairy bush is soon very wet. Next a strap-on is whipped out and they take turns fucking each other’s hairy pussy…

Rucca Page’s rescued hairy pussy

Posted on May 17, 2010

Rucca Page's hairy pussy getting fucked

Rucca Page was being a very naughty girl, so her boyfriend tied her up as punishment. Luckily, she was spotted by an innocent passerby, Rodney. She begged him to let her go, and he did. She was so happy she didn’t know how to repay him, so she sucked his cock for all the trouble he went through. Rucca’s hairy pussy beckoned him, though, and needed some attention. He slipped his hard cock out of her mouth and down inside her hairy pussy and fucked her hard, before…

Teen hairy pussy gets first interracial taste of the black cock

Posted on May 14, 2010

Hairy pussy teen Ansie in her first ever scene with a black guy!

Ansies is a fresh teen whose hairy pussy is just dripping with pussy juice. She was invited to get her chance to try some interracial sex with a big, black cock. Her hairy bush is no stranger to white dicks, but she wanted something different. And the sexy bald, black guy immediately turned her on. She started out warming him up with her young, but nimble mouth. Then he plunged deep in her hairy vagina. Just watch all that white pussy juice her hairy pussy makes for him!

Kitty Bush shows off her thick, hairy pussy and big clit

Posted on May 12, 2010

Kitty Bush shows off her hairy pussy and big clit

Kitty Bush is one of the most beautiful and unique natural women there are. Her hairy pussy is massive, with big labia and a huge clit. She’s got very hairy legs and armpits too. And whereever her hairy bush is, you know her fingers and sex toys are not far away. Let her take you on a sexual journey in Seattle as she shows you some amazing sexual tricks her hairy vagina can do…

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